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October 2019

The Life of the Party

Jesus teaches us the tremendous value that he places on those who are lost … a value so great that when they are found it is party time.
Luke 15:1-7

God of Tomorrow

The Parable of the Shrewd Manager is one that doesn’t end quite how we would expect at a quick reading. Yet, when we dig down into the story Jesus is calling us to depend on God’s grace as the only resource that can provide a hope-filled future. 
Luke 16:1-9

September 2019

Better Financial Planner

The Divine Auditor

The parable of the talents is not a quaint story about using your skills for the kingdom. It is a dire warning to take risks to advance the kingdom, or suffer the consequences of being removed from the king’s kingdom.
Matthew 25:14-30

The Eye Opener

Jesus teaches us that the path to heaven is lovingly ministering to those who are in need regardless of the differences which might exist.
Luke 10:25-37

The Best Boss


The Seed Sower


August 2019

Spiritually Sovereign


The Divine Ophthalmologist


The Great Empathizer


A Leader Worth Following

Jesus teaches us that in order to lead we need to learn to follow.
Luke 7

July 2019

A Miraculous Multiplier

Jesus can be trusted to take the simple and meager offerings that we give and do something miraculous with it. No offering is too small. However, our trust should always be in Jesus and not the miracle.
Rick Howerton, is the minister of Phillipsburg Christian Church in Phillipsburg, Missouri.