Why Marriage & Family Ministry?

9909B273-0428-4DE9-9243AEC4352AA19AMarriage and the family are the two foundational relationships God has created for the effective functioning of society. Family was the crowning point of His creation. The only time in all of creation God assesses that things aren’t right is when it says, “it was not good for man to be alone.” When God creates woman, and the first marriage in history occurs with God Himself officiating, His assessment is that it was “very good.”

However, our world has devalued both marriage and the family to near worthlessness, relationships that can be thrown away when they no longer meet a person’s felt needs.

Yet, data shows that the condition of marriages and families is the most profound indicator of societal health. Why because God created it that way!

That is why we take marriage and family so seriously … and seek to provide numerous avenues for couples and families to be thoroughly equipped in their roles as spouses, parents and children … because when the family fails our society crumbles.


It is common for couples to spend hour upon hour planning for a wedding and the reception, which will be over in 3-4 hours. However, at the same time that they are planning for this “event of a lifetime” they spend little time actually preparing for the marriage that they hope will last a lifetime.

Premarital Preparation seeks to correct this trend by engaging the couple in meaningful discussion, Biblical and practical discussion, in which the couple will develop skills and understanding necessary for a marriage that will last for the long run. Couples will take the online SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts) Assessment created by Dr. Les and Leslie Parrott. This assessment will then guide discussion with the couple on ensuring the couple is prepared for a marriage with life-long love.

Call the church office (773) 581-1115 to request a copy of the Premarital Preparation Covenant.

MarriagePIs your marriage in distress? Our marriage counseling services are designed for couples whose marriage is broken or in significant distress due to long-term emotional disconnect, infidelity, abuse, and/or broken trust. If you dare to believe God can redeem your pain and transform your marriage, this service is for you.

Pastor Steve and his wife of 28 years, Laira, take time one-on-one with couples to help them discover the particular problems that have led to the marriage being in crisis. Then they utilize “My Marriage Toolbox, a resource designed to assist couples in building a great marriage, along with other resources, to carefully assist the couple in exploring how to change behavioral patterns to so that love can be restored and the marriage redeemed.

Call the church office to request an appointment with Pastor Steve.


Are you living with a family member who life has spun out of control and their behavior is sending negative ripples throughout the family? Family Counseling and Intervention is typically the most important part of convincing a troubled family member to seek help that is needed, particular with problems of addiction.

Pastor Steve and Laira, who have raised five children of their own, will sit down with the entire family to provide support and direction in confronting and correcting destructive family behaviors, and help the family formulate a strategy for building a home environment that honors God and others within the household.

Call to schedule an appointment with Pastor Steve.

Interested in conducting a wedding at First Christian Church of Chicago. We would be glad to speak to you about marriage. Here is our policy statement on marriage.