Growth – Get Reaching


Become a Contagious Christian – God has your strategically located in the midst of  friends, family, coworkers, as well as many of other relational connections, or people who need to experience a relationship with God in Christ, and you have something that is worthy “catching”. Here are ways that you could be a link in the chain that leads others into a relationship with Christ.

    • Invite them over to your home and spend some time building a relational bridge;
    • Think about how you could steer your “normal” conversations in a spiritual direction;
    • Ask them if there is some way that you can pray for them, or if they share something that is bothering them, ask if you can pray with them;
    • Invite people who would appreciate or benefit from particular church events or religious events, such as concerts, workshops, counseling, etc.;
    • Invite them to join you for church, and lunch afterwards;
    • Share the story of how God is working in your life;
    • Perform an act of unexpected kindness for someone.



Participate in a Neighborhood Outreach FCC has an increasing number of ministry teams designed to provide needed services for the community. It might be providing needed home repair through Helping Hands 4 Homes, computer training through GACDC’s computer lab, or Swap & Share. Each ministry provides a tangible means for sharing the unfathomable love God has for the Ashburn community. Learn more about each of these ministries on the “Outreach Ministries page.”  


Join the Faith Promise Mission Team – The Faith Promise Mission Team serves as our congregations living link to our national and international mission partners. They plan the annual Faith Promise Mission campaign, keep in touch with our mission partners, and let the congregation know how we can best serve these partners.  


Go On a Short-Term Mission Trip – Plan a week-long, or even longer trip, to visit and serve with one of our national or international Faith Promise partners, or plan to do a trip with one of our mission trip partner organizations: Christ-In-Youth or LeaderTreks.