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Connection Groups

Believers were never meant to do the Christian life alone. We were “born again” to live and function in community. In community, we grow TOGETHER! The Holy Spirit makes us one and draws us together in a bond of love, grace and acceptance. However, this oneness is not just for the sake of fellowship as a social club. Oneness helps us GROW together! As we learn to be a community of faith, we become the support that each of us needs to grow into the Christ-like followers that God designed for us to be. Below are the Connection environments where you can get grow!  
Sunday Connection Groups
Groups led by:
Dorothy Collins, Portia Brock, Tsegaye Klesczcewski, Dionna Bickham, Richard Bussian, Geoff Shive, Steve Klesczcewski, and Jerrold Brock
The Sunday message is not just a lesson to be heard … it is a lesson to be lived. In The Sunday Connection Groups you have an opportunity to discuss the Sunday message and how it applies to your life along with others on the same spiritual journey. 
Share your lives and pray for one another. There are groups for children through adulthood.
Tuesday Night & Wednesday Morning Bible Study
Group led by Steven Chapman
The Bible is critical to our growth and development as believers, however that growth does not occur just by knowing more. It occurs as we live out what we learn. The Bible Study groups seeks to know and live the Bible together through a study that seeks to be very meaningful, practical, and applicable.
A variety of resources are used in this study including original Bible studies, and prepared Bible studies in books and video.
Wednesday 10:00-11:00 am.
Tuesday 6:30-8:00 pm
Growth Track Courses
Group led by Steven Chapman
The road to Christlikeness follows a well worn path of developing a number of habits which reflect Christlikeness. A series of three courses are offered annually that allow people to follow that course of:
 – Developing the habits for Spiritual growth in Moving Toward Maturity.
 – Discovering your unique SHAPE for ministry in Motivated For Ministry.
 – Deploying your ability to influence eternity in Mobilized For MIssion.
This group meets scheduled as special seminars.
Interested in hosting a group either at the church building or in your home? We would love to help you with training and resources to effectively lead a group. Call the church office to share with us your interest in groups.