Our Mission & Vision

Churches come in all different shapes and sizes. Some are big – others small. Some are traditional – others contemporary. Some engage people outside of their walls – others, well, not so much. In the midst of such diversity, what is special about First Christian Church of Chicago?  
First Christian Church of Chicago cooperates as a team to build Christ-likeness in others
  • by connecting with God,
  • growing together,
  • serving the church,
  • and helping the unconnected get connected with God and others.

How are we going to accomplish that task? If that is your question, you have asked a good one! Here are elements that will lead FCC to fulfilling its purpose:

  • FCC embraces the Bible as a guide for everything that we teach and do.
  • FCC expresses God’s love and acceptance as a demonstation of grace in everyday life.
  • FCC seeks to strengthen the spiritual influence of families by equipping parents to be the primary influence on their children.
  • FCC provides a relational-style ministry that fosters the building of deep, lasting and loving relationships.
  • FCC is located in a multi-cultural/multi-ethnic neighborhood to be a model of racial reconciliation.
  • FCC has a network of ministry opportunities, which are made up of members sharing in the ministry of the church in areas of their personal interest and abilities.