A Race For Unity

Racially charged conflict causes tension in our homes, neighborhoods, schools, and cities. Even the church is affected, as evidenced by the fact that Sunday mornings can be the most segregated time of each week. 

Racial tension destroys the unity God desires for His children, and undermines the love we seek to express towards our brothers and sisters of different racial and ethnic backgrounds. 

That’s why we’re joining Pastor Miles McPherson’s in calling you to attend this simulcast, The Race for Unity, which is based on the principles in his upcoming book, The Third Option. McPhersons’ light-hearted, encouraging, and soul-searching discussion about the toughest racial issues of our day will help humble willing hearts to learn how to honor and love all people, equally. 

The Body of Christ is called to lead on this issue; this teaching will equip you in your efforts. 

Prayerfully consider joining us for this event on September 15, 2018, as Pastor Miles leads thousands of people, churches, businesses, and communities in this 2-hour simulcast focused on healing our nation’s racial divide.