Coffeehouse Worship

During the spring you may have heard a little about Coffeehouse Worship as we conducted a prelaunch experiment. On September the full launch of Coffeehouse Worship will finally occur. Coffeehouse Worship will be held on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays from 5-7pm.
However, perhaps, you don’t know what Coffeehouse Worship is or why we are entertaining a different worship environment.
Let me explain to you the idea(s) behind Coffeehouse Worship.
Coffeehouse Worship is a worship environment built with 20 and 30 somethings in mind. This is not your parents and grandparents worship. No sitting in neat rows looking at the back of others heads.
Coffeehouse is a place of community … a place where worship and the word meet our connections with one another. Now that doesn’t mean that music and teaching are unimportant. It is important. It just isn’t the most important. But our defining point is giving people a place to connect and explore God together. 
The Coffeehouse Worship environment will have all of the elements of a regular worship service. However, they will look a bit different. For example, Instead of a 35-minute message, there will be a shorter message and discussion time built right into the service, and a question and answer time. People will get knit together in community as they share in small table group discussions around a cup of coffee and a cookie or coffeecake.

We’ll deal with questions that this generation is asking, but have not found the church willing to answer. They will learn that asking spiritual questions is okay, and that struggling spiritually is normal.